What Happens Next

As word of this event spreads, organizations, businesses, towns, and individuals will begin planning “Ones In A Lifetime” parties. We will share great ideas here as the “real world” parties let us know what they have planned. Online we will have many features, but first and foremost, we will be livestreaming from different real world parties and events from around the world, so when you decide what you’re going to do to recognize this celebration of unity, let us know. YOUR event may be selected for livestreaming if you so desire, and can be shared through our site on that day at NO COST TO YOU!

Online, in addition to the livestream of parties from around the world from all the different time zones, we will be building features into our site, including:

  • Peace-A-PieView Now We are encouraging all Ones in a Lifetime members to hold a "Peace-a-Pie" celebration on 9/21/11 for the International Day of Peace. This event is centered on the UN declaration of Internationa Day of Peace on September 21, each year. This date was established through the efforts of Jeremy Gilley and his "Peace One Day" endeavor. Let's honor this day with a pizza with the toppings in the shape of the PEACE SYMBOL.
  • Pickup Art AuctionView Now We’re holding an online charity art auction! The “Pickup Art” in this auction will be made entirely out of found and recycled materials the artists picked up off the ground, and 100% of the proceeds will go toward clean water projects.
  • The “Member Video Gallery” FeatureView Now The Member Video Gallery features videos that members have created or found, and are sharing with the World to help connect through the universal language of music. We encourage members to submit videos that are in keeping with the theme of peace and making the world a better place. They can be music, original performances, interviews, documentary clips, as long as they are family friendly and in keeping with our theme. Enjoy these selections below, and share some of your favorites here.

Many more ideas are formulating, and if you have some, please share them. We will be sending out updates periodically to your email (if you choose to receive them) and post them on this site as well so you can see as new features are added, and details about plans already started. This is YOUR party. This is ONE party for all of us. Tell your friends, bring your best ideas, get ready to host or attend around the world and be part of the world record largest party, and part of the worldwide call for unity. A Ones In A Lifetime Party.